Terms of Service


It prescribes necessary matters related to the use of the services provided by Wanee Lab.

Effective Date: December 29, 2020


Chapter 1: General Provisions

1 Purpose

These terms and conditions are intended to stipulate the rights, obligations and responsibilities of the company and members, and other necessary matters in relation to the use of all services provided by WaneeLab.



 2 Terminology

The definitions of terms used in these terms and conditions are as follows. In addition to the terms defined in each subparagraph, the definition of terms in the terms and conditions shall be in accordance with the relevant laws and regulations and the service guide.

Company: A person who is engaged in economic activities related to the app and provides all services.
Member: A person who signs a use contract with the’company’ and is continuously provided with the information of the’company’ and can use the services provided by the’company’.
‘Free service’ means that the ‘member’ can use the free function other than the premium function of WaniLab’s without paying additional fees to the ‘company’. Ads may be exposed to free users.
‘Premium service’ refers to a function that can be used by purchasing a fee among the functions of WaniLab’s services.
Subscribing Member: It refers to a’member’ who is using the’premium service’.
Payment: To use the’paid service’ provided by the’company’, a certain amount is paid to the’company’ or a third party designated by the’company’ through various payment methods.
Subscription: This refers to a ‘paid service’ usage method in which monthly/yearly usage fees are regularly paid through a payment method registered in advance by the ‘member’ to use the ‘paid service’ and the period of use is automatically renewed. If you cancel your’regular subscription’, you can normally use the’paid service’ for the remaining period of use of the’paid service’ in which the’payment’ was made, and automatic payment will not be made from the next period of use.
Subscription cancellation: This means that the ‘member’ cancels the ‘payment’ of ‘paid service’ and immediately stops using the ‘paid service.’ If you are using ‘Subscription’, canceling the ‘Subscription’ is automatically performed. Refunds for’subscription cancellation’ are subject to the provisions of these terms and conditions.

3 observance of laws and regulations

In providing’contents’ to’members’, the’company’ is the 「Consumer Protection Act in Electronic Commerce, etc.」, 「The Act on Fair Display and Advertisement」, 「Act on Regulation of Terms and Conditions」, 「Information We comply with related laws such as the Act on Promotion of Communication Network Utilization and Information Protection, etc., 「Personal Information Protection Act」, 「Youth Protection Act」, 「Content Industry Promotion Act」, and 「Content User Protection Guidelines」 set by the Minister of Culture, Sports and Tourism.


4 interpretation of the terms and conditions

Regarding matters not specified in this agreement and the interpretation of this agreement, the 「Consumer Protection Act in Electronic Commerce, etc.」, 「The Act on Fairness of Display and Advertisement」, 「Act on Regulation of Terms and Conditions」, 「Information and Communication Network In accordance with the Utilization Promotion and Information Protection Act, “Personal Information Protection Act”, “Youth Protection Act”, “Content Industry Promotion Act”, “Content User Protection Guidelines” set by the Minister of Culture, Sports and Tourism, and other related laws or commercial practices.


 5 Effect and Change of Terms and Conditions

① The’Company’ posts the contents of these Terms and Conditions on the service page so that’members’ can easily understand.

② The’Company’ is a service screen so that’members’ can easily know the contents of these terms and conditions, company name, representative’s name, office address, phone number, email address, business registration number, mail-order report number, and personal information manager. Posted on. Terms and conditions can be viewed by’members’ through the connection screen.

③’Company’ refers to “Act on Regulation of Terms and Conditions”, “Act on Promotion of Information and Communication Network Utilization and Information Protection (hereinafter, “Information and Communication Network Act”)”, “Content Industry Promotion Act”, “Act on Consumer Protection in Electronic Commerce, etc. ”, and the “Content User Protection Guidelines” set by the Minister of Culture, Sports and Tourism, etc., to the extent that this agreement does not violate relevant laws and regulations.

④ When the’Company’ revises the terms and conditions, the date of application and the reason for the amendment shall be specified, and the revised terms and conditions shall be notified for a considerable period from 7 days before the application date of the revised terms and conditions in accordance with the method of paragraph 1, The terms and conditions are effective on the date of their application. However, if the revised content is unfavorable to the’member’, it will be notified in a reasonably possible way that the’member’ can recognize, such as posting on the service page or providing it via e-mail for a considerable period after the effective date from 30 days before the effective date.

⑤ Despite the fact that the’company’ clearly notifies or notifies the’member’ that the intention of rejection is not indicated from the date of notification to the effective date of the revised agreement, it is deemed to have been approved. If there is no indication, it is assumed that you have agreed to the changed terms. If the’member’ does not agree to the revised terms and conditions, the’member’ may terminate the contract of use according to the provisions of these terms and conditions.

⑥ In principle, these terms and conditions are applied from the date the’member’ agrees to these terms and conditions until the member withdraws. However, some provisions of these terms and conditions may be effective even after membership withdrawal.

⑦ The ‘Company’ takes necessary technical measures so that the ‘Members’ can print out and verify all of these terms and conditions.


 6 Notice to Members

① When there is a matter to be notified to the’member’, the’company’ shall notify individually through the contact information such as the e-mail address and phone disclosed by the’member’, or individually notified through the app through a pop-up message or a notification message. can. However, if individual notification is difficult due to the ‘member’ not entering or changing the contact information, or deleting or not using the app, individual notification may be replaced by posting it on the bulletin board of the ‘company’ for more than 7 days.

②’Company’ may replace the individual notice of the preceding paragraph by posting on the’Company’ bulletin board for more than 7 days in case of notification to the entire’Member’. However, for matters that have a significant impact on the transaction of the’member’ himself/herself, notification will be made in the same manner as in the preceding paragraph.


7 Company’s obligations

① The’company’ does not act contrary to the laws and regulations and these terms and conditions, and makes every effort to provide continuous and stable service.

② The’Company’ has a security system suitable for the current level of development of Internet security technology and the nature of the services provided by the’Company’ so that’members’ can safely use the service.

③ The ‘Company’ may limit or suspend all or part of the ‘Contents’ if it is impossible to provide normal services due to a national emergency, power outage, service facility failure, or congestion in service use. However, in this case, the reason and period will be notified to the’member’ before or after.

④ The’Company’ shall handle the opinions or complaints raised by the’members’ who use the service as legitimate. However, if it is difficult for the’company’ to process immediately, the reason and the processing schedule will be communicated to the’member’. At this time, the process is communicated to the ‘member’ through a bulletin board.

⑤ The’company’ compensates the’member’ for damages incurred by violating the obligations of the’company’ specified in these terms and conditions.


8 Personal Information Protection and Management

① The’Company’ may collect the minimum personal information of’Members’ necessary to provide the service.

② When the’company’ collects personal information that can identify the’member’, the consent of the’member’ is obtained.

③ The’company’ cannot use the information provided by the’member’ in application for use and the information collected pursuant to Paragraph 1 for other purposes or provide it to a third party without the consent of the’member’. The responsibility is the’company’. However, with the exception of the following cases.

1. When it is necessary for statistical writing, academic research, or market research, and when it is provided in a form that cannot identify a specific individual

2. When it is necessary for function improvement and error analysis

3. When it is necessary for identification to prevent theft

4. In case there is an unavoidable reason required by the provisions of the terms and conditions or laws

④ The’member’ may withdraw the consent of paragraphs 2 and 3 at any time.

⑤ The’company’ strives to protect the personal information of’members’ in accordance with relevant laws, such as the “Information and Communication Network Utilization Promotion and Information Protection Act”. Regarding the protection and use of personal information, the relevant laws and the ‘Company’ personal information protection policy are applied.

⑥’Company’ shall not be held liable for the disclosure of the’member’s information due to reasons attributable to the’member’ without the’company’.


Chapter 2 Service

9  Provision and use of services

①’Company’ may post’advertising’ in relation to service operation. ‘Member’ agrees to the posting of customized advertisements exposed when using the service.

② ‘Company’ provides services after payment is completed for’paid services’.

③ The’company’ can provide the’member’ with a free period of use for purposes such as service experience.

④ The’Company’ may modify, change, or suspend part or all of the service according to the’Company”s business plan and service operation policy, and for this, the’Member’ shall receive a separate compensation Do not.

⑤ The’company’ may have separate management policies such as’posts’ in addition to these terms and conditions regarding the use of the service. This allows you to limit the maximum number of days and capacity that ‘Posts’ or other posted content is retained by the service, and the maximum number of days that can be accessed (maximum period). The’company’ is not responsible for any failure to delete or save the’posts’ or other posted contents stored in the service without reasons attributable to the’company’.